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Ultra Clear Stand Up Pouch w/ Zip & Tear Notch


These doy pouches are made of high clarity plastics. They come with euro slots, resealable zip, and tear notches. Great for short runs, contract packaging, and high variant products.

  • Safe for food contact
  • Heat-sealable
  • Delivery across Australia and New Zealand

Item: Plain Ultra Clear Stand Up Pouch
Material: PET/CPP laminate
Features: euro slot, resealable zip, tear notches, round corners, round bottom

Weight/Capacity Size(mm) WxL + Gusset
250g 160x245+70 1600
500g 190x275+90 1400

*The above weight/ capacity information is based on whole coffee beans. Your product weight should be determined according to the grain size and density of the content. Please refer to the pouch dimensions for more relevant information.

Bulk Purchases:
If you would like to order 1 carton or more of any style of pouches, please contact us at for a quote for bulk discounts.

Customized Packaging:

We specialize in customized/ printed film and pouches, please contact us via email or give us a call if you are looking for the following:
  • Custom-sized bags/pouches to pack your product;
  • Print your own design on any packaging types;
  • Film or rewind stock to use on form-fill-seal machines.