Flat Bottom Pouch Packaging


Flat bottom pouches are the premium packaging option of choice. It combines the best of stand up doy and side gusset packaging features. It is vertically stable as a doy and due to a larger symmetrical footprint; it has 5 printable panels for maximum graphic and product communication. Once packed, its efficient box-like structure can offer savings off freight and storage cost.


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Design Options

The flat bottom bag can be optioned with zip seals, tear notches, peg holes and one way valves.
We can print up to 10 colours on our rotogravure press, including varnishes.
Printing options available include Matte varnish overlays, U.V spot printing and De Metallised processing.


The flat bottom pouch is manufactured from multiple rolls of composite film.

Material options include Polypropylene, Nylon, PET, Metallised PET, Foil, Paper and PE, Titan Packaging can consult and advise on suitable materials.

Suitable for dry products, granules, powders and frozen seafood.

Packing information

Flat bottom pouches can be packed using inline/rotary automatic fill and seal packers or be manual processes. Suitable for gas flushing, hot fill, retort and vacuum packing, depending on material specification.

Must be thermally sealed.

Product Applications

Food Ingredient Packaging

Food Ingredients

Asian Food Packaging

Asian Foods

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Coffee Bag Packaging & Tea Bag Packaging

Coffee & Tea

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Small Goods Packaging

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Snack Foods & Confectionery

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Nuts & Dried Fruit

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