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Protein Powder Starter Kit 1KG with Scoop


For convenience and packaging on-demand, we stock a range of metallic stand up pouches in a range of sizes and colours. Our stand-up pouches all come with a zip-lock and tear notch for ease of use. The three colour variations we have are silver, white and black stand-uBagsp pouches. This product also comes with 60mL scoops.

Great for short runs, contract packaging, and high variant products. There’s a pouch for most applications!

Item Description:
Item: Metallic Stand Up Pouch - 1kg (3.5Ltr) with resealable zip and tear notch available in Black and White 
Dimension: 240mm X 335mm + 100mm
Material: PET/VMPET/PE


  • Safe for food contact
  • Can be sealed on most heat sealers
  • Delivery across Australia and New Zealand

Bulk Purchases & Customised Packaging:
If you would like to order 3 cartons or more of any style of pouches, please contact us for a quote for bulk disounts.- We specialize in customised printed film and pouches, please give us a call if you are looking for the following:

  • Special sized bags/pouches to pack your product;
  • Print your own artwork on any bags or pouches;
  • Film or rewind stock to use on Form-fill-seal machines.