Does Your Packaging Suit Your Product?

Packaging Products

Your package will mainly sell your product for the first time to a new customer, from there on your product has to provide the client, with what is promised on the packaging. Getting you product out and onto the shelves is easy; getting the perfect packaging is not as easy however. There are yearly multiple products that fail to make a success, mainly due to the packaging not doing what it is meant to do!

Are you new to this business of promoting your own goods? A successful entrepreneur will firstly look at the kind of packaging required in accordance to his/her product. Take a good long look at your product! Decide on the size of the packaging required, as well as the strength of the material to be used that would best suit your product.

Make sure the packaging you select has all the angles covered!

Your packaging must be functional, provide sufficient space for all the necessary information while also selling your product. The colour, branding and lay-out will also have an influence on your options of packaging.

Furthermore, your budget will surely have the biggest impact on your choice of packaging!

What you call for is a recipe for success; you will want to acquire professional aid for development of your packaging. You are required to look at your intended market, also the packaging that attracts most within those markets. Look at similar products and the packaging they come in, as you would like to be different, stand out and make a vast impression!

You need to look at which of your competitors are making a killing, consider why? Is it there product or packaging? What will the handling needs be for your product once it has been packaged? Can it go onto shelves, if so will your packaging stand or tumble?

Sit down with a company that can aid you in all aspects of your packaging requirements as well as your branding options. Brainstorm with their experts on ideas that will be best suited! Packaging is the portrait of your business, poor packaging can be extremely damaging. Initially the packaging is what will sell your product, thus it is suggested to spend a little more and get your packaging perfected!

Packaging advertises your product, portraying to a customer your quality and reliability!

To get a packaging option that will be the best marketing agent, offer clients functionality in addition to all required information and still have an influence, you will need to get support from connoisseurs inside this field. Your packaging must be bold and diverse while still offering the customer all that is anticipated. If you are starting small, do not distress as you can also acquire service from the professionals.

With the correct packaging, you can grow your business quicker that you ever imagined possible!

For aid from a company that cares about their clients’ needs and business, contact Titan Packaging today. Talk to the specialists and see how they can assist you, get your product out there to be sold!

How To Get The Perfect Packaging

Packaging Printing Types

Everything around us that we purchase comes in some or other kind of packaging. Therefore we must assume that the packaging used, has just as important role to play in sales as the product itself. When you go shopping have you ever just looked at a shelf and considered the following two questions?

Which of the products on the shelf of the same content catches your eye first?
Why does that happen?

Firstly, the packaging caught your eye, not the product. There is such a wide range of similar products, offering basically the same features or use. The packaging makes the one stand out above the rest, do you agree?

Secondly, the packaging that is different caught your eye; therefore you will look at a product based on the packaging, correct? Packaging makes a big impact, like a first impression!

Your packaging has to portray the incredible value of your product inside!

If this is your first time looking for packaging or even a re-design of your current packaging, it comes highly recommended, to use a professional company in this line of business for assistance.

Packaging was originally designed to protect the product within. This created some confusion though, as shelves were filled with products all in the same packaging. Therefore packaging became more defined. The packaging also included the product benefits, making each product on its own more appealing.

Packaging should sell your product in addition to protecting it!

Packaging has to provide an impact. Most consumers only spend approximately 5 seconds to decide upon a product.

Your packaging will require the following:

  • Your Brand Name must be displayed clearly!
  • Your Product has to be clearly explained!
  • Your Packaging must add value to your product!
  • Your Packaging has to be suitable!
  • Your product must be depicted honestly!

Honesty with customers builds trust. Instead of portraying your product as the sweetest or best brand, be honest and your customers will appreciate it more. Too many products give false impressions. This eventually influences their sales as customers being disappointed in a product, will spread the word.

If you are only starting out, your budget for packaging may be low. You will then go with pre-designed packaging options. This should however not damper your enthusiasm as your logo, brand and information could still have a great effect. The shape and uniqueness will come in time, as your business grows and you can eventually afford customized packaging. You can then shape and form your packaging to suit your product.

You can however still be creative and give your packaging all it needs by seeking aid from a packaging company. Even with standard shapes and sizes of packaging, you can still be bold and create a stunning appeal that is unique. Talk to a professional packaging company, have their designers aid you in branding your packaging to stand out above the rest.

Look at other packaging in your product line and find your inspiration. Test the market and explore with ideas. Talk to Titan Packaging and you may even be amazed at the results. Keep your packaging practical, functional and make an impression on the market.

Coffee bags or vacuum bags to package your product? Find out why and how!

Coffee Packaging & Tea Packaging

Having the correct packaging for your product is vital not only to sales, but also the freshness as well as keeping your product from getting damaged. You have to provide effective, durable as well as flexible packaging that suits your specific product. Your packaging needs to be effective while still promoting your product.

Various products can be packed in similar packaging while others may require specific packaging. There is a range of packaging options to consider such as pillow pouches, coffee bags; shrink sleeves, vacuum bags, spout pouches, tubes, boxes and many more. These also come in a wide variety of sizes to suit different products. Pet food, CD’s, coffee, frozen foods, toothpaste, and cold drink all come in selective packaging to suite the requirements of the product.

What are your packaging needs?

Your packaging will therefore also have specific necessities. Depending on the moisture content, air removal, liquid or solid state, you will have to look at a packaging explicitly for those purposes. Let’s have a look at the differences of coffee bags and vacuum bags, as well as what they have to offer you.

Vacuum bags are mainly used where food products are involved as it removes the air from the packaging. It can also extend the shelf life of products while restricting bacterial growth. It can be used for fresh food products as well as dried food products. You can also store non-food products such as materials, books, and clothing to keep them sheltered while shrinking the space they take on shelves. However gentle products could be crumpled by using vacuum bags for packaging. In such a case the air within the packaging may be replaced by using nitrogen. This will remove the air within and have the same lasting effect.

Do you need vacuum bags for your products packaging?

Coffee bags on the other hand are known to be one of the safest ways of packaging for coffee and tea. These can also be altered to fit your needs. Another name for coffee bags is foil packaging. These bags are extremely shelf friendly and allow more than enough space for branding. They provide protection against moisture as well as bacteria due to their variety of materials.

Coffee bags can also be adapted to have a zipper as well as handles for comfort to your customers. Thus you can basically get your coffee bag to look the way you want. These offer you a range of options in size and colour, and can also have bag clips or tin ties so they can be re-sealed and re-used. The material used for coffee bags can however be used for a variety of other products, so talk to a professional packaging company about your needs.

Can your product fit in a coffee bag for packaging?

For all your packaging needs talk to the experts in this field by visiting, Titan Packaging and getting your products packaged today. Your packaging will aid in your sales, thus you want to get them perfect the first time. Professional assistance with a smile is simply a click away.

Need Packaging? Here are some tips!

Need Packaging

Does your packaging work? Is your product selling like sweet cakes? If not, you may want to consider your packaging options as they are after all the means to an end. Packaging may be more important to your sales than you realize. Launching a new product is costly and here many companies make the mistake of going for a cheaper packaging option to save money, when in fact all you are doing is bringing down your sales.

Packaging needs have to be looked at well in advance of your product being ready for the market, as you would not like to sit with a product that is ready, and no packaging. There are also other factors to consider when looking at packaging options such as size, weight, shape, shipping and the most important promotion. Your packaging information, design as well as conventionality will all have an impact on your sales.

With all packaging there are rules as well as steps to take whereby you can ensure a strong, cost effective packaging that still promotes your product.

Rules to work by when looking for packaging:

  • Does your packaging market your product inside? Does the packaging look good and provide all the required information?
  • Does your packaging protect your product sufficiently? Will it also be safe when shipping or transporting?
  • Does your packaging meet the required regulations for your product?

Steps to consider prior to ordering your packaging:

  • Have a good solid look at your competitors and their packaging uses.
  • Do thorough markets analyse and see what it is that the consumer desires.
  • Test a few sample packaging options and see if it works for you.
  • Have a look at the information that will be going onto the packaging, will it fit?
  • What branding options does the selected packaging offer you?

When looking at a packaging company you need to have a look at their available packaging solutions as well as their knowledge and capabilities. Can they provide you with what you truly need at a reasonable price plus quality service? Can they offer you a fresh approach in addition to a style that suits your product and intended market?

The transport industry has become quite rugged; therefore if your product will need to be transported or even shipped, you may need to look at extra packaging as well as support in order to protect your product. Find out from your packaging company what type of extra packaging solutions they have or would suggest in such a case.

Obtaining assistance in perfecting your packaging solution does not have to be an elongated and tedious experience as there are solutions right around the corner. If you are looking for unique packaging and not just a one size fits all option have a look at what TITAN can offer you. Packaging is about getting your product sold and with the use of professionals in the packaging industry, you cannot go wrong. Make your pick from a wide range of solutions or design your own to make your product sell from day one.

Contact Titan Packaging today and learn how we can help with your packaging!

Tips for Designing Great Food Packaging

Food Packaging

Successful packaging is what entices consumers to purchase a product. Effective packaging consists of appeal and connecting emotionally to a consumer. Your packaging needs to receive an immediate response from everyone who sees it.

Packaging that sells is pleasing to the eye and is connected to the spirit of a consumer. Therefore, it is imperative that your packaging be designed to be grab the heart and attention of the shopper.

Additionally, packaging needs to be informative, accessible, provide product protection and be tamper resistant.


Today, consumers are bombarded with a lot of advertisements to the point of being nonresponsive. This is why it’s so important to keep the packaging very simple. Stay focused on the main emotional consumer benefits that your product has to offer.


Remove unnecessary branding such as sub-brands, trade-brands, commercial brands and products divisions. A lot of information is not always a good thing.


A visual highlight on a distinguished attribute or new feature or a distinguished attribute is a good idea. Make sure that the accent is not disruptive to the eyes or too busy for the viewer. Again, keep it simple and easy to read.

First Impression

The first impression of your packaging is crucial. It needs to support how people identify a product when shopping. You need to inspire a physical response with color, create recognition by utilizing shape, stir the emotions by the use of imagery and inform with words.

One of the best ways to inspire a response with color is with vibrant packaging such as laminated film rewinds, bottle shrink sleeves or a spouted stand-up pouch. Laminated film rewinds come in a wide range of colors to help make your product stand out. Bottle shrink sleeves allow more creativity with eye-catching graphics, unfading color and a dramatic effect. Spouted stand-up pouches make a fabulous presentation and can be printed in any color, design or logo.

Effective Consumer Product Packaging

Consumer product packaging should reflect the needs of a shopper. If the packaging is done poorly, it will most likely result in decreased sales. You also need to cater to the desired audience. For instance, if you have a product that is for seniors then the design should be easy to open. If your product is for sport enthusiasts, then the labeling should emphasize the sports benefits.

Remember to always keep it simple. Moreover, keep your product packaging shopable and alive with a good first impression.

Contact Titan Packaging today and learn how we can help with your packaging!

What Are the Different Types of Food Packaging Materials?

Types of Food Packaging

Packaging is in direct relation to a consumer’s final choice in buying a product. Effective packaging involves appeal, information, accessibility and labeling. Additionally, packaging requires product protection, tampering resistance and nutritional facts.

Meeting specific standards along with designing attention-grabbing packaging can be a challenge. However, knowing about the different types of packing materials available will help you make the right choice. Although there are a wide variety of materials, you will be amazed at the various features available such as barrier valves, closures and designs that can be tailored to fit your needs.

Laminated Film Rewinds: Designed to seal correctly on automated packing machines. They help packaging run smoother and easier. High quality film rewinds have aggressive bonding features, can adhere to porous or semi-gloss paper media, has light to heavy ink coverage without yellowing or peeling. Moreover, laminated film rewinds generally come in a wide range of colors to help make your product stand out.

Quad-seal Flat Based Pouch: These pouches increase shelf life and product protection. They also expand consumer convenience and benefits by improved pouring and handling. The lightweight pouches have a flat bottom bag and expand at the sides. They are ideal for dry pet food and other bulky merchandises.

Stand-up Doy Pouches: One of the most flexible packaging materials on the market. They come in a large variety of materials with innovative multi-layer laminated films to warrant optimal performance. This pouch is eye-catching and generally re-sealable, pourable, re-usable, and easy to open. They also have a resistance to burst pressures and high temperatures. As well, their streamline appearance reduces transport and storage costs.

Bottle Shrink Sleeves: A fairly new type of label that allows more creativity with graphics, color and dramatic effect. The shrink sleeve is durable, waterproof and abrasion resistant. In addition, labels can be removed from containers and bottles so that the container or bottle can be reused. Cost is a bit higher than other types of labels but they usually improve shelf appeal and increase sales.

Metalised & Foil Pouches: Offer a glossy metallic appearance like aluminium foil but has a lower cost and weight. Metalised and foil pouches are easily designed and can include special applications like electronics and insulation (heat sealed). They have a more visible print, are puncture resistant and are ideal for light sensitive products.

Coffee Bags: Largely, coffee bags are designed to protect against moisture and light to retain as much freshness as possible. High quality bags have a valve to regulate and release built up pressure. There are a wide variety of package designs or you can select custom prints to your liking.

Spouted Stand-up Pouch: The stand-up pouch is a laminated film bag that is ideal for both liquid and dry good packaging. They make a great presentation and can be printed in any color, design or logo. Stand-up pouches with pouches are perfect for liquid packaging and make it convenient for consumers.

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